Circle of Friends
of Ceramic Coins and Medals

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Johann Friedrich Böttger

Inventor of the European porcelain

The Circle of Friends of Ceramic Coins and Medals was founded in April 2005 and is an association of interested people at ceramic coins and medals. The circle of friends is not a registered association.


The objectives and functions of the circle of friends are especially realised by:

  • Spread and deepening of knowledge about ceramic coins and medals
  • Exchange of experiences and collectors documents
  • Arranging lectures and excursions
  • Establishing connections to other organisations, communities, museums and associations
  • Cooperation with porcelain manufacturers, artists (e.g. porcelain shapers) etc.
  • Issue of publications and medals
  • Investigations about unknown or rarely known coins and medals


Every interested person, who is at least 18 years old, can join the Circle of Friends of Ceramic Coins and Medals. The cooperation among the members is governed by rules of procedure, which are accepted by the confirmation of membership.

All members have the right to attend the annual or semi-annual meetings of the circle of friends. Location and date of the meetings are arranged in advance and are not bounded to a fixed place.

In order to cover financial expenses, members currently pay an annual fee of 10,- €.


The organisational guidance is done by Christian Beyer, Bergisch Gladbach, and Eberhard Friedrich, Dresden:


Christian Beyer
Gerstenschlag 22a
51467 Bergisch Gladbach
Tel.: +49 (0)2202/55530
E-Mail: christian.h.beyert-online.de

Eberhard Friedrich
An den Birken 42b
01108 Dresden
Tel.: +49 (0)351/8888 270
E-Mail: e.h.friedrichweb.de


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